Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 2 .... a week later

Well day 2 is in the books. As we are weekend warrior renovators and our weekend starts on Sunday....I say we but it's really my husband (I'm the go-for, hold this here and document-er part) HE replaced the rotten frame under both front side windows. 

and after

the original parts of the frame are just water stained and still solid.

Taking the window out was great fun....did I hear 8 thousand screws???? maybe it was only 18 screws....but it felt like 8 least it was just across the bottom on this side.

We have decided to stay with the goucho style seating in the front. It's seems to be the less popular floor plan from what I've found so far. I guess that's why we like it.
Today's mission.....remove the front window. We did get lucky I think. We will only have to replace the back window and one missing louver. All the rest are in good shape.
Ugh! what a slow process this "behind the scenes" build is. But it's necessery. The fun part will come soon enough.

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